Q. How do your prices compare with others?
A. To our knowledge, we are the least expensive in the Sydney marketplace. Our largest competitor is literally twice the price. Avoid "O" for over-the-top prices.

Q. Will the repair stop the crack from getting bigger?
A. Yes, it has a lifetime warranty.

Q. Will the repair pass a registration (pink or blue slip) inspection?
A. Yes, it has a lifetime warranty.

Q. Is the repair guaranteed?
A. Yes, it has a lifetime warranty.

Q. Is the lifetime warranty transferable when the car is sold?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you repair extremely long cracks?
A. Yes, but the position needs to be considered. On the passenger side, a metre or more is OK.

Q. Do you have a mobile service?
A. Ask about the Sydney metro area mobile service.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?
A. Yes, but on the same day is almost always OK.

Q. How long does it take?
A. On average 15 to 20 minutes.

Q. Will it disappear?
A. No. Some repairs are virtually undetectable. They vary depending on the type, size and age.
Some are less visible than others. In general terms, approximately 85% improved

Q. Can very old cracks and chips be repaired?
A. Yes but for maximum cosmetic improvement fresher is better while the cracks are internally clean.
Over time dust and contaminating material accumulates in the crack.

Q. Will the dirt inside the chip stop the repair from working?
A. No. It may be more visible than if it had been repaired fresher but the strength of the repair is unaltered.

Q. How much cheaper is it than replacing the windscreen?
A. Approximately 25% the cost of replacement.

Q. Does it matter that the windscreen is dirty? Should I wash it before the repair?
A. No it doesn't matter and it's best not to wash it as water can take some hours to evaporate from the crack, before a repair is possible.

Q. Is there anything I should do BEFORE I have the windscreen repaired?
A. Only please keep it dry for a few hours before. Afterwards, it doesn't matter.

Q. Are there any restrictions or special care required AFTER the repair?
A. No. It can be driven or wet immediately afterwards.

Q. Is your business well established?
A. Yes. We introduced the first mobile windscreen repair service to Australia in 1978 and have performed more than a hundred thousand repairs.

Q. What resin do you use?
A. Our exclusive resin of choice is referred to as XPH3 and is of the highest quality available.

Q. What system do you use?
A. We manufacture and use our own pressure/vacuum injection system and have been exporting and using it for more than thirty years.