Bullseyes and stars, i.e. small cracked areas in laminated glass can be repaired by the injection of our exclusive XPH3 resin which is optically matched to glass. The resin works like a glue in that it bonds the cracks, preventing them from spreading, eliminating the need to replace the whole windscreen.

When something impacts the outside of your windscreen, typically a stone, it can create a small crack in the glass – either in the shape of a star, a bullseye (round type of damage), typically somewhere between the size of a 5 cent and a 50 cent coin, or an elongated crack, or a combination of these.

Once there is a break in the glass like this, the likelihood is that a crack will develop, particularly if it is near the edge of the glass, and/or is exposed to temperature variations or extremes. Or even if simply driven over a substancial bump. If a crack extends, depending on it’s length and position, it MAY pass beyond the point of possible repair. So obviously before it extends is preferable however, on the passenger side, cracks of a metre or more can still be repaired. So don’t despair. Call us.

What you are seeing in a chip or crack, due to the altered light refraction, in one shape or another, is an “air gap” that exists internally, in the outer layer of your laminated windscreen. The aim is to fill that “air-gap” using a pressure/vacuum injection system and a resin that is optically matched to the glass, (meets Australian Standard AS/NZS2366:1999) displacing the air and reducing the reflective appearance dramatically.

If the damage is years old prior to repair, dust and contaminating material will have gradually accumulated inside it reducing the optical improvement that is achieveable with a freshly cracked screen repair. The age only affects the appearance. The strength of the repair is unaltered.

The resin possesses strong bonding properties and “glues” the cracks, preventing further cracking. With some types of repairs a tiny hole may be drilled, just penetrating the outer surface of the glass to create a passageway through which the resin is injected.

This drilling procedure is more often required though at the “live” end of a spreading crack to halt it’s progress. The drill hole is then filled with clear resin to smooth and seal the surface.
An average windscreen repair takes 15 to 20 minutes and usually costs $70. All our repairs come with a life-time warranty not to crack and for registration inspections in NSW.

Why repair it?

There are three reasons for repairing chips and cracks in windscreens:

  • First, is to stop the initial damage from further cracking, avoiding the expense, time and mess involved in replacing the whole windscreen – E-tag, parking stickers, rain sensor apparatus, and increasingly common, lane, movement and light sensors. Also ill fitting trims and then the risk of it leaking. Avoid it all with a fifteen minute repair that has a life-time warranty to stop further cracking.
  • Second, depending on the type and position of damage and local legal requirements, it may prevent your car from passing the annual registration or police inspection. All our repairs are guaranteed for roadworthy inspections, whether it be the pink slip or blue slip that is required under some circumstances, or in fact any other legal requirements.
  • Third, is for cosmetic improvement. Depending on the type, size and age of the damage, varying visual improvement results are achieved. Some are virtually undetectable but that is not always the case. Also cracks that are years old, may have accumulated some dirt prior to repair, which affects the clarity.

However, despite the possibility of some slight visual remains, as previously stated, all our repairs are guaranteed to prevent further cracking, for any roadworthy pink slip, blue slip, defect inspection and have a life-time written warranty. It is an inexpensive permanent saving of the screen.

Often your screen can be repaired despite what some companies will tell you. Some will direct you to replace a windscreen even when it is not necessary. Call us.

And IF it turns out that a replacement IS required, yes, we can also assist with that.